Tips To Travel With Your Jewellery

Are you taking that much needed break from your schedule and travelling to your dream destination? Are you excited to try new looks and set new trends? While you are ready with the dresses you are about to wear, let us make packing jewellery easy for you. Here are some tips for you to keep the jewelleries tangle-free and protected.


From chunky, statement necklaces to subtle chains, necklaces enhance your look and add jazz to your outfit. However, it gets painstaking to keep them untangled. Well, not anymore. Pass delicate chains through sipping straw and lock them to carry. This will make them stay separated from other necklaces. Use toilet paper rolls to carry chunky necklaces. You can also use these tricks for carrying anklets of bracelets. However, do place the jewellery in a cotton pouches or a separate compartment in your baggage to keep them protected.


Travelling with earrings can be a tricky affair. It is common to misplace them or worse, lose one from the pair. Use a big coat button to lock earrings in a pair. Use old candy tin boxes or mint boxes to store dainty studs. You can also use a daily pill box with designated compartment for everyday pills. These will make categorising your earrings easier. You can also carry your rings or nose pins using these tricks.

Safety tips

Beautiful jewellery is expensive and travelling with these precious items can be risky. Make sure you take the right measures to protect your gems with the following handy tips.

  • Carry your jewellery in your hand bag or cabin luggage. You do not want to spend your vacation trying to track down a lost bag which was last seen in the luggage compartment.
  • Try keeping your jewellery light. Since travel is usually synonymous with sight-seeing and adrenaline-quenching activities, it is best to keep your jewellery minimal.
  • If you are travelling for a wedding, keep your expensive jewellery safe by investing in a jewellery organizer. These handy boxes have different compartments for necklaces, bangles and earrings. Choose from a wide variety of quirky patterns and useful designs to complement your style. They are even available in an easy-to-use roll design to just roll up and store for later use.

These useful tips and tricks for travelling with jewellery are guaranteed to keep your precious jewels safe and secure. If you are yet to buy jewellery for your upcoming honeymoon or your best friends destination wedding, head out to for a wide range of designs,crafted to perfection, as per your needs and requirements. Complement your outfits with the glitz and glamour of dazzling precious gems and enjoy the spotlight wherever you go.

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