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Bet you do not know these funny facts about your Jewelry Sets

I bet you did not know these facts about jewelry sets.

As a jewellery designer, I’ve been doing a bit of fine jewelry set research, and learning some kooky things about it along the way. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits I’ve picked up. Enjoy!

  • In greek mythology, diamonds were tears of god.
  • Silver contains anti bacterial properties that eliminate bad odor and neutralizes ammonia. Hospitals use bandages that release silver ions to help with healing and reduce the need for frequent dressing changes.
    • The “Cullinan” is the largest diamond that ever been at 306.75 carat or 5 kgs heavy.


    • About 8 lakhs of jewellery is lost in the bathroom every year. Now that is some gold going down the drains.


    • The crown of Miss Universe 2011 had 500 30 carat diamonds


  • The easiest way to spot the difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is to weight it. Cubic zirconia weight 55% more than diamond.
  • For rose gold jewelry, copped is mixed with pure gold to give its distinct, pinkish color. Pure gold is always yellow.
    • Rhodium- this is a process by which gold or silver jewelry sets are dipped in protective alloy to prevent it from tarnishing. It also makes the jewelry set white in color.


    • There’s a company in Switzerland called Algordanza that will turn your ashes into a diamond for your family. And not very expensive either, I believe.


  • Silver jewelry set naturally tarnishes with moisture in the air. It is always advisable to keep them wrapped with soft cloth when not wearing.
  • There are more than 500 types for precious stones that exist in today’s world.


  • 30% of diamond jewelry sets are lost in the street. And 26 % misplaced at home. So next time, during your Diwali cleaning, keep a close check. You might find something beautiful that belonged to your grand mother.

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