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Buy Artificial Jewellery Online carefully

In this digital day and age, we all prefer to save time and energy and shop online. From 60” TV to groceries, we can simply ‘Google it’ and search availability at best price in different E-Commerce sites. Online shopping has made it easier for us to make the right decisions regarding the product and it’s respective prices. As good as it may seem, online shopping has its risks, which one must be vary of. Not all websites are legitimate, and not all are truly safe. Especially when it comes to buying expensive products such as jewellery (diamond, gold or artificial), one should always do the necessary research. And by research, I do not mean one has to sit on the computer for hours to find out the company’s full history. By following the below steps, you can assure yourself that you will actually get what you ordered.

There should be somebody ‘solely’ responsible for the company’s activities.

When going through the website, look for the “contact us” section. The contact details should be clearly mentioned. It is important that there is somebody who takes full responsibility of the orders placed with the company. When it comes to buying jewelry online, most websites have a call center number or an email address mentioned on their website. Do verify their genuineness by speaking with the representative. And, don’t forget to note the name and designation of the person you speak to for future reference.

A legitimate jewellery website will always have a well-known payment gateway.


CCAvenue, direcpay and Paypal are the names of the safest payment gateways in India. Most legitimate e-commerce websites will have one of the above. Payment gateways always do their necessary homework about the company’s activities before partnering with them. The “about us” section should have details about the payment gateway they are using, or it will be mentioned right before you are directed to their payment page. When you buy artificial jewellery online, make sure they have partnered with one of these above payment gateways.


All well-known and established real or artificial jewellery companies will have a Facebook, Twitter, and/or an Instagram account

This is the Facebook generation and we all have a Facebook account. It is a must in today’s age. Most well-established jewellery websites also have a Facebook account through which they promote themselves. Business pages of such jewellery companies should have at least a 2-year old history with a considerable amount of likes and comments on their page. Instagram is also picking up popularity. It is one of the most important sources that jewelry websites use to sell their products. Both these social media platform help in increasing the credibility of the jewellery company. These platforms will also help you identify their customer service and product quality by reading comments left by users.

Full disclosure is very crucial.

Buy Silver Jewellery Online

When you buy artificial jewellery online, read about the product and get full specification about its make. Legitimate real jewellery companies will have no problem giving full disclosure, which include the weight of the ornament and stones separately. Most imitation jewellery can be made of pure silver or copper. Silver gives a more real look compared to jewellery made with copper. If going for Artificial Jewelry, make sure you find out what metal it is made off and if the company provides certification for the same. On the other hand, when dealing with gold jewellery, find out if the jewellery has an official hallmark stamp. Certification is key piece of information that all good and well-established jewellery company should provide.

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