Scarlett Johansson’s Diamond Earrings

Pear drop Diamond earrings

The one & only earrings that stole all awards at the Oscars 2020 The Academy Awards, most commonly known as the Oscars is the most fashionable event in the world with the most beautiful women wearing stunning jewellery made by the best of  world’s jewellery designers.  Furthermore, this year, the red carpet saw the most expensive […]


Customised Jewelry Trends – TOP 5 Jewelry Pieces of 2019

Customised Jewelry

I love the quote from Oscar de la Renta, who says: “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is about being yourself”. And to be yourself you need Customised Jewelry. Read on to know more about customised jewelry trends of 2019. In 2019, we made more than 500 Customised Jewelry pieces. It was […]


Bridal Jewellery & Tips for the Bride to Be

Nath & Mathapatti

Are you a bride to be? Then you must be extremely busy with all the planning – clothes, bridal jewellery, beauty packages and maybe diets & gym. On top of this, there must be many social duties. It is a very busy time and the pressure of time can be really underestimated. So, brides to […]


Here Comes the Guide – Jewellery Trends 2019

Customise & Buy Peacock Pendant Designs Online

A long time ago, going to a destination wedding un-prepared was a bad idea. But things are different now. We have instant solutions to saree draping thanks to Instagram tutorial & Vodafone international roaming packages. However, I think it is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time for any wedding, destination or […]


Jewellery That Stood Out In 2018 Oscars

Gowns, and Glamour, thats what Oscars mean to the followers of fashion.This year too, was no exception. The stage was decorated using 45,000 Swarovski crystals and the Actresses arrived at the red carpet wearing dazzling jewelleries that sparkled like their personalities.Sapphires, rubellites, aquamarines, fire opals dazzled on ears, necks and wrists.Plenty of big jewels were […]


Gold jewellery with AD. Really?

Gold jewellery with AD. Really? These days, many choose to wear AD jewellery made on gold and not silver. I know, right? Gold is way more expensive and why spend so much money made on artificial diamonds? Isn’t the whole point of artificial jewellery that it is artificial (Duh?). Well a few ladies make many […]


Wedding Jewelry is important!

Wedding Jewelry is important! Wedding is the most important and happiest event in every bride’s life. Every bride wants to look her best for her D-day. From makeup to outfit, jewellery to shoes, she wants everything to look perfect! Here are the few points a bride-to-be should keep in her mind before buying her wedding […]


CZ Jewellery Are Us

Many of you have a slightly blurred idea of what exactly we do. Many confuse our jewellery with real jewelry but in fact, it is made with pure silver and Swarovski cubic zirconia (CZ) stones. So in reality, these pieces are artificial (AD or CZ Jewellery as many like to call it) and perfect for […]


Silver Jewellery

Why not Silver Jewellery? I have been asked many time, why do we use silver and not gold? Isn’t gold a much better metal to be used for jewellery making? Gold is lighter, so why do people get their jewellery made on silver? Well girls, here are the answers. Silver Jewellery is cheaper. To start […]


Bet you do not know these funny facts about your Jewelry Sets

I bet you did not know these facts about jewelry sets. As a jewellery designer, I’ve been doing a bit of fine jewelry set research, and learning some kooky things about it along the way. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits I’ve picked up. Enjoy! In greek mythology, diamonds were tears of god. Silver contains […]


TOP 3 things you MUST decide for your destination wedding

Everybody is getting married in fabulous corners of the world. When it comes to planning a destination wedding, there so much research one has to do – where to stay, how to get there – are a few issues on a mountain of questions like “where to order the wedding lehenga from” and “what jewellery […]