Individual Customised Products

Get your Customised Products made by us

Did you know we are really good with making customised products? We adapt to society’s norms & rules as we age. We start shredding our naïve dreams, choices & passions with time. We start caring about what others think of us. Even if we want to be unique, our choices get hugely affected by external events […]


Good Quality Jewellery Via CAD/CAM

The sky is the limit when it comes to jewelry designing. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take what your imagination creates and turn it into an good quality jewellery, specially by hand. That is why we consider going the CAD/CAM way. Our CAD/CAM services allows us to think outside the box when it comes […]


Customised Jewellery – Our Forte

Buy Earring New Designs Online

Customised jewellery is special If you are looking for a really special item of customised jewellery going for a customised creation is something that can be particularly beneficial. This type of jewellery is truly symbolic & having something that is completely unique and designed to your own specifications makes it even more special. It is […]


Jewellery Trends at Cannes 2018

Fashionistas look forward to Cannes Film Festival red carpet each year. It has always been the stage that saw the most elegant jewellery. 2018 too, has been no exception. This year saw display of some exquisite jewellery. Here are the three jewellery trends we noticed that ruled the red carpet. Statement Necklaces Gone are the […]


From human ashes to a diamond

Real diamonds and not Artificial Diamonds – Treasure your loved ones forever. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. Now, they might also be her mother, father or grandmother. I mentioned very briefly in my previous blog how human ashes are being converted to diamonds. We received loads of queries regarding this, so […]


Planning to buy a diamond? Be careful, there are many fakes going around.

Real or Artificial Diamonds? That’s right. At the moment, the jewellery market is flooded with fake diamonds – with fake certification. These “man made diamonds” or artificial diamonds are currently very popular, and are made under high pressure and temperatures in labs to make them look exactly the same as real diamonds. About three months […]