My favourite pieces from our Jhumka Collection

Jhumka Collection

Jhumka Collection – My favourite Pieces I never thought I would be making so many jhumkas in so many different designs when I started making CZ jewellery. We started off in 2010 thinking we would be making destination wedding jewellery, which would include big diamond looks, but who thought that our small company would take […]


Confusing Gold Bills?

Gold jewelry bills, specially the ones with diamonds, polki or any precious stone, are very difficult to understand. I get a lot of queries regarding jewellery making charges, the difference between gross weight, net weight and what would be the resale value of any gold diamond jewelry. I am bifurcating a classic bill of diamond […]


Here Comes the Guide – Jewellery Trends 2019

Customise & Buy Peacock Pendant Designs Online

A long time ago, going to a destination wedding un-prepared was a bad idea. But things are different now. We have instant solutions to saree draping thanks to Instagram tutorial & Vodafone international roaming packages. However, I think it is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time for any wedding, destination or […]


Individual Customised Products

Get your Customised Products made by us

Did you know we are really good with making customised products? We adapt to society’s norms & rules as we age. We start shredding our naïve dreams, choices & passions with time. We start caring about what others think of us. Even if we want to be unique, our choices get hugely affected by external events […]


Vaddanam – Essential Bridal Jewellery

When we started out 10 years ago as jewellery makers, we had little knowledge of South Indian Jewellery given the fact that we are from Bengal and all our karigars are Bengalis. But over the last few years, we have attracted so many South Indian Brides who taught us immensely and now we know what […]


Good Quality Jewellery Via CAD/CAM

The sky is the limit when it comes to jewelry designing. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take what your imagination creates and turn it into an good quality jewellery, specially by hand. That is why we consider going the CAD/CAM way. Our CAD/CAM services allows us to think outside the box when it comes […]


Wedding Jewelry is important!

Wedding Jewelry is important! Wedding is the most important and happiest event in every bride’s life. Every bride wants to look her best for her D-day. From makeup to outfit, jewellery to shoes, she wants everything to look perfect! Here are the few points a bride-to-be should keep in her mind before buying her wedding […]


What is Navratri?

What is Navratri? As embarrassing as it sounds, I do not what Navratri is. The word Navratri only meant 9 days of fasting and garba to me, and apart from that I was completely clueless. So I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what it is all about. Literally, Navratri means nine […]


TOP 3 things you MUST decide for your destination wedding

Everybody is getting married in fabulous corners of the world. When it comes to planning a destination wedding, there so much research one has to do – where to stay, how to get there – are a few issues on a mountain of questions like “where to order the wedding lehenga from” and “what jewellery […]


High End Imitation Jewellery for Work

Round Stone Tennis Bracelet

It’s Fake, but not visibly fake Jewelry High End Imitation Jewellery for Work Every morning, we perpetually scramble to get ready for work on time. In the morning rush, we usually just throw on a ring or two and maybe a pair of subtle hoops on that jacket suit and run out of the door. We […]