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Scarlett Johansson’s Diamond Earrings

Pear drop Diamond earrings

The one & only earrings that stole all awards at the Oscars 2020

The Academy Awards, most commonly known as the Oscars is the most fashionable event in the world with the most beautiful women wearing stunning jewellery made by the best of  world’s jewellery designers. 

Furthermore, this year, the red carpet saw the most expensive jewellery ever worn for this prestigious event. 

Many wore gorgeous dazzling necklaces, some wore iconic earrings, and some wore jewellery that covered their whole outfits. Nonetheless, each celebrity made a statement, and it was hard not to be awed but such beauties. 

Though there are so many, only one jewellery piece stole my heart from a collection that included a necklace set worth $20 million, 115-carat emerald drop earrings, $30M 128.54-carat Tiffany Yellow Diamond, and many many more.

The pear drop diamond earrings on Scarlett Johansson made by Forevermark x Anita Ko.

The pear drop diamond earrings on Scarlett Johansson made by Forevermark x Anita Ko.
Picture Courtesy – Getty Images

I am a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson from the very start of her career, so this choice may be slightly biased. While watching the awards, each time she came on screen I clicked the pause button just to get a better view of the gorgeous diamonds on her. 

The design took my breath away – simply because it was so simply posh. 

Custom made in confluence with Forevermark Dimaonds and Anita Ko, the earrings flaunted Exceptional Diamond totalling nearly 27 carats.

Diamond Earrings
Picture Courtesy – Getty Images

Here are a few facts about the jewellery design.

  • Forevermark is a division of DeBeers and they pride themselves for responsibly sourcing diamonds
  • Anita Ko and Forevermark worked with some of the diamonds in the firm’s exceptional collection of gems department.
  • Anita Ko also named the pair of earrings “Olivia”
  • In Anita Ko’s words “As soon as I laid eyes on the two pear-shaped Forevermark Exceptional Diamonds, I knew the silhouette of my Olivia earrings was the perfect design to highlight the beauty of these one-of-a-kind stones.”
  • These pear drop diamond earrings cost around $2 million

Though Scarlett Johansson did not win the award this year, she definitely took all awards for your style.

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