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High End Imitation Jewellery for Work

Round Stone Tennis Bracelet

It’s Fake, but not visibly fake Jewelry

High End Imitation Jewellery for Work

Every morning, we perpetually scramble to get ready for work on time. In the morning rush, we usually just throw on a ring or two and maybe a pair of subtle hoops on that jacket suit and run out of the door. We might know how to dress well for work, but sometimes accessorizing that outfit can be really tricky yet rewarding.

With High-end Imitation Jewellery for work, you can keep the pace with fast changing fashion trends and save lots of money.

The most important tip to accessorize for work is to keep it simple, low and not over the top. Anything small and delicate can make a boring office outfit noticeable without causing a stir. We all need to dress to impress and accessories are a great value for money for that great look. Here are five jewelry tips, to get you started on building a collection for the weekday. By the way, these tips are also great for lunch dates with the girlfriends. Enjoy!

High end Artificial Pearl Drop Earrings can fancy up the most boring outfit.

Pearl Drop Earrings

“Pearls are always appropriate” – as rightly said by Jackie Kennedy. A delicate string of pearls or a pair of pearl drop earrings is perfect for the boring Monday staff meeting (or any day for that matter). It does not require much thought and can be worn with almost everything.

A classy Tennis Bracelet can do the trick.

Round Stone Tennis Bracelet

Style any work dress with just a simple round stone tennis bracelet. A high end artificial tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet made of small round white diamonds and goes well with work suits.

Don’t forget to wear a watch.

It is one of the most important accessories for office even though most of us can see the time on our smart phones. A watch always says you are responsible and professional. Next time you are out for a meeting, notice how many times your eyes hit the others wrists. You don’t want to be caught with empty wrists.

Less is more

Artificial Stackable rings

If you feel like you have gone over the top, you can always remove anything extra that you are wearing. Just a pair of ear hugging tops and a watch can be more than enough. Try to avoid the shiny gold bracelets or necklaces that remove the focus from rest of your attire.

Keep it subtle

Artificial Engagement Rings

Cocktail rings are not for work (neither for lunch). Even though you will be spending most of the time staring at the keyboard, you can always avoid bling and opt for funky stackable ring. Your engagement/wedding ring, on the other hand, is never too bling. Right?

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