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Jewellery Trends at Cannes 2018

Fashionistas look forward to Cannes Film Festival red carpet each year. It has always been the stage that saw the most elegant jewellery. 2018 too, has been no exception. This year saw display of some exquisite jewellery. Here are the three jewellery trends we noticed that ruled the red carpet.

Statement Necklaces

Gone are the days of large earrings and no necklaces. Glitzy necklaces and collars are back. Be it the Diamond and Sapphire necklace worn by Carla Bruni or the layered necklace worn by Swedish model Elsa Hosk, they were present in all shapes and sizes to take our breath away. We noticed an abundance of colored gemstones than just diamonds this time.

The Paraiba Tourmaline, as worn by Julieanne Moore is so mesmerising. This gemstone is becoming more and more popular and it won’t be long before it is the must have gemstone.

Nature inspired Earrings

Diamonds are girl’s best friends as they say. But the colored gemstone trends are here to stay. From sapphires, rubies, beryls and tourmalines, coloured gemstones dazzled in the statement earrings inspired by motifs from nature. French actress Lea Seydoux the Boucheron’s ear cuffs are worthy of special mention.


Emeralds, chrome tourmaline, tsavorites… Green gemstones are proving to be the most sort after colour to wear by celebrities gracing the red carpet. Green was a favourite colour during the protests at the Oscars and Golden Globe award ceremonies. Green symbolises “growth, renewal and hope” and this may be the reason it is still being represented at Cannes.

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