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Silver Jewellery

Why not Silver Jewellery?

I have been asked many time, why do we use silver and not gold? Isn’t gold a much better metal to be used for jewellery making? Gold is lighter, so why do people get their jewellery made on silver? Well girls, here are the answers.

Silver Jewellery is cheaper.

To start with – gold is expensive and silver is not. Silver jewellery is available in the market at a fraction of the cost of gold jewelry making it ten times more affordable for daily wear. With silver, we have a lot more options to choose from since it is cheaper.

Yes, silver jewelry will tarnish over time. Silver has the natural tendency to attract moisture from the air, which eventually turns the metal black. However, most jewellers, like us, advice our customers to keep their silver jewellery away from direct contact of moisture – that includes perfume and cream. So do not take a shower wearing those solitaire tops that you got made from us on silver or it will turn black very quickly. Silver jewelry should be treated like real jewellery – therefore take care of it like you would of your gold jewellery. Our silver jewellery on the other hand, is finished with rhodium polish or 18K gold polish, which delays the tarnishing of such jewellery by 2-3 years.

Silver jewellery is heavier than gold. Silver is a much softer metal, therefore more metal is required to make stone studded jewelry of silver, making it heavier in weight. Therefore, choose your destination wedding jewellery more wisely. Though the finish of silver jewellery is exactly the same as gold jewellery, sometimes wearing such pieces might become painful for longer period of time.

Unlike, popular belief, silver jewellery does have resale value. Although, we do not buy back our pieces, one can always get the jewelry melted and sell the silver locally when the markets are performing well and get a good return on such pieces.

Silver Jewellery can be polished with 18K gold polish.

Silver can be easily polished with 18K gold to give it the gold look. Nobody will be able to tell if the jewelry is made with silver or gold. Do not worry about your jewellery looking fake when you plan to get it made on silver or gold.

Another reason why people get gold jewellery made is because we are still influenced by our ancestral thoughts. In older ages, people would invest their money in gold so they could wear the jewelry and keep their hard earned money close and “on” themselves. There were no banks or safes in those times, which would force people to convert their money to gold and carry it around with themselves to avoid loss. However, now we have Godrej! We do not have to worry about carrying our hard earned money everywhere. Moreover, gold is a much more malleable metal, and as mentioned above, gold is lighter on the ears than silver is. Apart from the two reasons mentioned earlier – there is not much difference between silver jewelry and gold jewellery. In fact, gold and silver can be easily mixed together to form an alloy called white gold to get both the benefits of silver and gold.

Then why silver and no other metal like copper?

Silver gives a much better finish than copper does. Copper jewelry is very hard and it is nowhere close to what gold jewellery looks like. Therefore, we do not get our jewellery made on any other metal or alloy that is not silver or mixed with silver.

Still not convinced to buy Silver Jewellery?

If you still want gold in your jewellery, we can do that for you too. Any of our jewelry pieces can be made with any percentage of gold. Just call us and we will explain the process to you in further details.

Silver is good option for us girls of today’s world. We need to keep up with the new styles and trends, and affordable silver jewellery makes it much more easier for us to do so, without worrying too much about it getting lost or stolen.

Do contact us at 0-9830018952 or to find out about our metal preferences.

XOXO, Sneha


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