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Top 4 pieces in your Wedding Trousseau

Wedding Trousseau

Are you getting married? Then you must have these top 4 pieces in your Wedding Trousseau 

Wedding shopping is very overwhelming, right? And with so many options available now – single line bangles, solitaires, cocktail party jewellery – it is even worse. 

So, I thought I would make a short list of only 4 jewellery items that must be part of your wedding trousseau

  1. Single line bangle is a must in your wedding trousseau

Single line bangles is something you will get either from your parents or in- laws. And for sure, you will be required to wear a bangle on many occasions of the first year of the marriage, if not every day. So, it is always safe to have a pair or even one piece of single line CZ solitaire bangle in your jewelry collection, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. It is easy to carry for all out of city events & is hassle-free. You can also check our selection of single line diamond bangles here.

Single line bangles
Single Line Bangles
  • Solitaire drops

Solitaire drop earrings are super classy! I am not talking about bali style design, but the one with two stones, one in the top and and a slightly bigger one below. I saw this design on Pernia Qureshi. She wore it for one of her wedding days and it looked outright fabulous. And I realized, why not create the same design with smaller designs for daily wear with CZ stones. They are definitely a must-have in your wedding trousseau collection. You can wear them if you have a lunch date with your girlfriends, or even a date night with your to-be-husband.

Solitaire Earrings
Pernia Qureshi at her wedding.
  • Solitare ring 

If I got a penny for everytime I heard a new bride lost her solitaire ring, I would have approximately USD 100. Once you are engaged, you want to wear it all the time and flaunt your ring (obviously). But sometimes, we forget were we left them and eventually end up regretting why we kept it were we kept it. I have advised so many people to get a solitaire ring made with 18K gold and CZ stone to give it the same exact look. Our precious ring is safely locked away, but the replica is on our fingers. What do you think?

Single line bangles
Single line bangles
  • Cocktail earrings

I absolutely love large statement earrings. My personal collection mostly includes large cocktail earrings. I wear them for dinners, or formal parties and definitely carry them for destination weddings. With top class CZ stones, we have created so many cocktail earring designs that you can choose from. Sometimes all you need to make a statement is a large stunning pair of earrings. You can check out our collection of cocktail earrings for your wedding trousseau by clicking here.

Cocktail Earrings
Cocktail Earrings

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